Atlona 8-Button Network Control Panel Bouton-poussoir panneaux - Gris

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Atlona 8-Button Network Control Panel Bouton-poussoir panneaux - Gris caractéristiques

8-Button Network Control Panel

Atlona AT-ANC-108D, Gris

The Atlona AT-ANC-108D is an 8-button network control panel for Atlona IP-based single output channel switchers. It is designed for easy configuration using the free Atlona Management System (AMS) software resource. The ANC-108D only requires a single category cable, from a PoE-equipped network switch, to deliver both control signal and power, and provide fast, hassle-free installation. Configuration is also fast. Simply download a configuration file from within AMS for Atlona single output switchers such as the HDVS-200 Series, HDVS-300 Kit, SW Series, AT-UHD-CLSO-601, or AT-UHD-CLSO-612ED.

Even with automatic input switching and display control on many of our AV switchers, presenters still want a visual means of changing inputs, operating displays and adjusting volume. The ANC-108D backlit panel provides a user-friendly means of controlling the AV in a meeting room or classroom. System designers need an inexpensive point of control to meet those needs without worrying about complex control system coding. The ANC-108D, working with AMS, meets both of these demands. Regardless of the Atlona IP-based switcher designed into the meeting space or classroom, with the ANC-108D the AV operator will always have a consistent control interface from room to room.

Combined with Atlona IP-controllable switching products for huddle spaces, classrooms and conference rooms, the network control panel acts as a remote control to send IP commands to the switcher. The switcher in turns acts on those commands or translates the IP commands into RS-232 commands to control external devices such as displays to create a seamless AV system. The ANC-108D fits into a US one-gang junction box and is compatible with Decora-style wallplates.

Applications - Meeting spaces and classrooms with Atlona IP-based, single output channel switchers. (See these featured applications as examples: small conference room, larger conference room, university classroom, and corporate training facility.)
- Locations where one type user interface among many rooms is required
- System designs where speed of installation, ease of use, and economical control is required. (See this featured application as an example.)

- Remote control panel for Atlona IP-controllable AV switchers
- Fast installing, single cable integration
- Easy to configure with AMS and downloadable templates
- Eight, soft-touch, backlit buttons
- Remotely powered via PoE (Power over Ethernet)
- Installer-customizable, pre-cut label sheets
- Fits US one-gang junction box with Decora® wallplate