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Olympus VP-10 Enrégistreur - Noir

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lundi 2 novembre 2020
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lundi 2 novembre 2020

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Description du produit

Olympus VP-10 Enrégistreur - Noir caractéristiques

4GB, 1 x AAA, PCM(WAV)/MP3/WMA, 37.5g, 17 x 130 x 17mm, 50h

Olympus VP-10, 16 bit, 22,05 kHz, Noir, 130 x 17 x 17 mm, 37,5 g

The new VP-10 gives a new dimension to digital business recording. Although discreet in design this advanced audio recorder tool offers high-quality stereo recording and a host of convenient features for instant operation and clear recordings.

To securely capture your voice and the surrounding sound while the device is your shirt pocket the VP-10 voice recorder features omni-directional stereo microphones. They reliably capture the sound from all directions thanks to two low-noise high-quality microphones in the compact slim body.

Unique OLYMPUS audio recorder technology automatically identifies the difference between a voice and a rustling sound to effectively suppress the unwanted sound only. This means that the noise generated when recording from your shirt pocket is eliminated – achieving a low-noise clear recording.

Simply slide down the REC switch – the voice recorder instantly starts recording even when the power is off. The switch is located on the top of the recorder which is convenient when recording from your shirt pocket. You can blindly operate the VP-10 voice recorder so that you never miss a conversation again.

Thanks to the sleek design you can simply clip the voice recorder to the inside of your shirt pocket and record without distracting the speaker. For added convenience the VP-10 menu is easy to navigate through and the digital voice recorder can be instantly slotted into a PC for data transfer via the built-in USB connector.

Recording Hours1620
Recording formatPCM/MP3/WMA
Internal memory4GB
Weight0.4 g
Warranty2 Years