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Cisco Spark Basic Messaging

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jeudi 15 octobre 2020

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Date prévue de l'action

jeudi 15 octobre 2020

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Cisco SmartNet vous aide toujours
Cisco SmartNet vous aide toujours

Pour bénéficier du support technique ou d’une mise à jour logiciel/firmware, contactez nos spécialistes Cisco par téléphone au +32 (0)16 - 796 200 ou par mail : licentiedesk@centralpoint.be


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Cisco Spark Basic Messaging caractéristiques

Cisco Spark Basic Messaging


Messaging How things get done.

Less time caught up in email. More time making things happen. Cisco Spark always-on messaging means you never miss a thing. We make it easy to share or find information, ask questions, and make decisions quickly.

It's all connected in the cloud. And it's all secure. Your messages and files are right there in the same space where you start your meetings. Your drawings too. Stay organized with a space for every project or conversation — as many spaces as you need.

And it’s open. We know you use lots of apps, so we keep Cisco Spark open, working with many developers to give you access to integrations and bots.